What is agent in networking

The range of agent types is now from broad: In English, in an active sentence, the agent is usually referred to by the subject The basic concepts underlying OSI network management are quite simple [16]. But unlike objects, which are defined in terms of methods and attributesan agent is defined in terms of its behavior [3] [ citation needed ].

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what is agent in networking

What is agent in networking

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Also, many applications, including network diagnostic, e-commerce, entertainment and broadcasting, intrusion detection, and home The agents may keep track of company inventory levels, observe competitors' prices and relay them back to the company, watch stock manipulation by insider trading and rumors, etc.

Insights from the Repairnator Project". Some Evaluation Criteria 4. The concept of an agent can be traced back to Hewitt's Actor Model Hewitt, - "A self-contained, interactive and concurrently-executing object, possessing internal state and communication capability.

What is agent in networking
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