Vintage mardi gras classic!!!

In a retro-inspired twist, glass beads have returned to parades. Views Read Edit View history. The flambeau "flahm-bo" meaning flame-torch carrier originally, before electric lighting, served as a beacon for New Orleans parade goers to better enjoy the spectacle of night parades. Banks are closed, and some businesses and other places with security concerns such as convenience stores post signs asking people to remove their masks before entering.

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vintage mardi gras classic!!!

Vintage mardi gras classic!!!

In more recent years, most are at the ballrooms of various hotels throughout the city. Women and girls must have dress fittings as early as the May before the parade, as the season of social balls allows little time between each parade. It is thought that Zulu switched from walnuts to coconuts in the early s when a local painter, Lloyd Lucus, started to paint coconuts.

Dating to , it is the second-oldest krewe still parading. Mardi Gras Classic on Facebook.

Vintage mardi gras classic!!!
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