My friend is bisexual and i think she likes me

That being said, with some sincerity and confidence, you'll be able to better determine whether another woman might be bisexual. If you're interested, try flirting with her more directly or intimately and see what happens. The other person would to a lot more for you than you have to reciprocate.

If she has no one else to talk to, she'll talk to me.

my friend is bisexual and i think she likes me

Question my friend is bisexual and i think she likes me

  • On the other hand, she might be afraid that you will get a crush on her and it will ruin the friendship. That's not a crime, just a misunderstanding. Yes No. More questions.
  • Just take it nice and slow, give your feelings time to adjust. That was uncomfortable for me, as we are friends and do not wrestle with each other normally. Tell her that, right now, you can't imagine ever liking her in that way and wanting to be with her. Source s:
  • Similarly, what if your friend were trying to find a way to tell you that she was attracted to you — what would that mean to you? I think you should have a cup of coffee and talk about it. Instead of just being honest with her and saying I'm not into girls. One of my kinda friend told me she was bi and that she liked me at school.
  • If you do, the drama will never end. My bisexual friend likes me??
  • Tell her that you like her as more than a friend if you want a relationship with her. Not Helpful 4 Helpful What should I say to a girl I like if I've never actually had a girlfriend?
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Go Ask Alice! Oftentimes, good reasons for wanting to know someone's sexuality is if you want to be in a relationship with them, or if you want to support them because they are getting bullied or are at risk of self-injury or suicide. The next morning when she was sober, she said she apologized if she'd hit on me the night before and sounded really embarrassed about it.

My friend is bisexual and i think she likes me
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