I see you there trying to peek up my skirt

But there is a bigger twist in the story, when he wasn't noticing me, I slide down my panties til my shoes and sat with my skirt rolled up, revealing my private part of my body totally, I noticed he also had a got an erection. Most of the others I gave peeks to while fully sober were people I was play partners with, so most of them had already seen my undies anyway, and it was fun.

I purposely un-crossed my legs so that he could see my panty through that triangular gap between my thighs and skirt. He looked right up my skirt which was just under knee length but I opened my legs right in front of him and he got lucky.

What is the shortest skirt you have ever worn? He was in front of me and i had a short black skirt on. She was wearing a particularly cute frock that was just thigh high and we were walking along a beach in kovalam India.

I see you there trying to peek up my skirt obviously

Have you ever let someone look down your bra on purpose in public? I was wearing silky white see through knickers. Think mini skirts. It involved climbing up a flight of stairs that was a metal one where one had to wait for someone climbing up or down. She looked at me and said she was very shy.

I wear skirts which are lower than my knees, and the class went on, I pulled my skirt upper and upper, revealing my underwear and thighs.

I see you there trying to peek up my skirt
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