Having an affair with the boss

When John Prescott and Tracey Temple embarked on their inarticulate love affair after kicking it up at the office Christmas party, they became the latest protagonists in a long and ignoble tradition. I would love to hear your thoughts.

I really don't know how his wife puts up with it.

Having an affair with the boss are

  • He shared something very personal with me and even cried! She gave me hell. Its only them two and he tells her when, what and how to do it. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below.
  • What can be done? They delayed the process of filing the protective order. Hi Luciana, It sounds like a tough situation.
  • He talked about how overbearing his wife was, about how they had rushed into their relationship. I know it is hard to do but it may prevent a potential affair from happening. The old rules still hold true however. Does your company have an explicit policy against it?
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I could hardly believe that this man, who was held in such high regard in our office, was attracted to me. And with them effectively controlling the message, to get out in front of the issue — and with me being silent — perception starting to become a reality.

It will take a lot of restraint on your part. Yet still continued. I was stunned. Thanks for your prompt response.

Having an affair with the boss
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