God, these skinny jeans might be a little tight

October 26, To get the look they were after, some bought girls' pants -- which they dubbed "GPs. Influential industry analyst Marshal Cohen -- who has seen jean widths ebb and flow in 28 years of retail watching -- fears that many women will buy into the hype when they should really hold back.

Women can get by fine with skinny jeans because they wear purses. Jeans makers continually pray to the style god for a new cut that will make people who are already buried in jeans want even more. If they're constantly getting caught around your knees, which in turn sends you into a one-footed jumping dance routine as you flail around trying to peel them off your calves, then you know there's a problem.

Black plans to trot out the lone pair she still owns for what she hopes will be their last hurrah.

God, these skinny jeans might be a little tight

So if you're homie's been telling you, "Dude, your pants look like sausage casings" for the past three months, then maybe, just maybe, he's onto something. Men are being targeted too. The Buddy System The best thing about best friends is that they can be brutally honest. Rip once, shame on the manufacturing practices, rip twice, shame on you for not knowing what size pants to wear.

Maybe it's the popularity of Hedi Slimane's "rocker chic" pencil-thin aesthetic, but there are still men out there are reaching for pants that are far too narrow for their man-sized legs and waistlines. She is dated immediately by fashion, and sometimes ridiculously so.

God, these skinny jeans might be a little tight
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